Kingdom Hearts Pete Funko Showcase

Kingdom Hearts III is being released on January 25, 2019. We will be covering the release of the new game since Donald Duck is one as one of the featured characters.

Each week we will showcase some of the great merchandise that is available from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. A lot of great companies have released or have Kingdom Hearts products in the works including Diamond Select Toys, Funko, PDP, Bandai Tamashii Nations, Monogram Intl., and Meta Die Casts just to name a few.

This week we will showcase the Pete Kingdom Hearts merchandise from Funko.

Pete made his Kingdom Hearts debut in Kingdom Hearts II. Pete was voiced by Jim Cummings who we often refer to as a Disney Afternoon legend.

In 2017, Funko released their first wave of Kingdom Hearts Funko products. Included in the first wave was Pete in his heartless attire.

Funko POP

The first wave of Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs included King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale 2-pack, and Pete. GameStop had an exclusive Goofy. Hot Topic had an exclusive Donald. Walmart had a Black and White Pete exclusive from the Kingdom Hearts level Timeless River.

Funko Mystery Mini

Pete in his heartless attire was 1 of the 21 figures in Funko’s Kingdom Hearts Mystery Mini series. This Mystery Mini Series was available in blind boxes. Pete was 1 of 3 Mystery Minis that were exclusive to GameStop.

Here is a comparison shot of the Pete Funko POP next to the Pete Funko Mystery Mini.

Timeless River Pete

Funko POP Walmart Exclusive

The Walmart exclusive Kingdom Hearts Pete figure was from the Timeless River level in Kingdom Hearts II. The level was in black and white. I have found that the Walmart exclusives are usually the hardest to track down.

Here is a group shot of all of the Kingdom Hearts Pete Funko products so far.

Pete will return in Kingdom Hearts III.

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