Disney Afternoon Plush Spotted At BoxLunch

I was at BoxLunch this weekend to pick up my TaleSpin Funko Pops, and we did a once over of the store to see if we found anything new. I was glad we did because I finally got to see the Funko Disney Afternoon Plushies.

We first came across Chip and Dale. Of course they had one of each. I really love their design. Funko has created a fun look with these Plushies. BoxLunch did have these next to a section with other Chip and Dale merchandise, but these two and a Dale Hawain shirt were the only items from Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers. There isn’t a lot of Rescue Rangers merch out there, and I hope to add these to our collection soon.

Speaking of that Hawaiian shirt, I had to bend down and get a better look at it. I was surprised to see a certain “Terror that flaps in the night” peering back at me. Again, the design is fun, and Funko’s Plushies would be a great addition to anyone’s Disney Afternoon Collection. I know I’ve seen that a few of you have already gotten one of these, but I wanted to let others know you can now find them at BoxLunch.

Do you own any of this series? Do you plan on buying them? Let us know in the comment or on our Twitter @DuckTalks


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