Review & Preview – Uncle Scrooge #39

In our opinion IDW is offering Disney Duck fans great content each and every month. We enjoy the DuckTales comic, and a couple of months ago we decided to expand our reviews to the other Disney Duck books put out by IDW.

I really like that IDW’s Uncle Scrooge comic is publishing comics from other countries in the US for the first time. The opening of the comic provides details of the stories including where they originated.

The Story

The first story in this comic is titled “The Colossal Coin Calamity,” and it was first published in 2016 in Italy. This story was great from start to finish. The story begins in Duckburg, but the adventure moves to Australia when Scrooge seeks to acquire the RAREST coin in the world. He leaves Donald behind to dust his money but he takes along Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Daisy. The story is fun, there are a lot of laughs, and I really enjoyed how this story takes place in a recent time period. Daisy keeps using her smartphone and the boys are playing with remote controlled marbles.

The Art

When I first opened this book I was caught off guard by the art. The images are vibrant, colorful, and expressive. It’s a look that I am unfamiliar with. A quick look online and I found it to be common in the Italian comics. The art is fun and adds to the story.

The Story

“It’s All Relative” is a short gag comic strip. It includes Ludwig Von Drake and Donald. It’s short, but fun if you love these characters.

The Art

The art should look familiar if you’ve read any of the comic strips from the 60s. It feels like you are reading an old Sunday paper, and after the expressiveness of the previous story it feels very comfortable.

Bottom Line

I am really enjoying these comics, and I recommend them for all ages of DuckFans. Grab a copy from your local comic shop or online. You can view the covers and a preview below.

Preview provided by IDW

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