Dewey Cosplay Hat Idea

Looking for a cool hat to make yourself stand out with your Dewey Cosplay or Halloween costume?

From one of our favorite DuckTales episodes: Sky Pirates…in the Sky! written by Madison Bateman and directed by Matthew Humphreys.

Where did I get this flattering colorful headpiece you ask?

The place: Amazon (

The time: This Afternoon

A cool head needs a cool hat.

A bold and daring chapeau…

The story behind it is equally bold and daring.

I was climbing Mt. Peligroso, the wind whipping at my face, rocks crashing down around me.

When I ran across a rainbow-colored alpaca who told me she had been waiting decades for the chosen one.

And guess what? – [GASPS] What? – I was the chosen one.

Then she knit me this hat out of her wool.

You don’t have to travel to Pato Pisco and climb Mt. Peligroso be the cool person at the convention or party wearing this hat.

Be the chosen one and order this hat from Amazon for your Dewey Cosplay or Halloween costume.

Alpaca Cap with Ear Flaps

**This hat is not an official hat, but it is the closest thing that I could find to the one in the show for this fun blog.**

The hat is also available in other colors:

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