PhatMojo DuckTales 2-Pack Action Figures Review

The PhatMojo action figure fun continues!

The Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby action figures come in fun 2-packs…woo-oo!

Huey and Dewey are packaged together.

Webby and Louie are packaged together.

The action figure 2-packs retail for $12.99 The action figures are exclusive to Target stores.

You can order the Huey/Dewey 2-pack at Target online here. You can order the Webby/Louie 2-pack at Target online here.

Huey and Dewey come with the following accessories: Junior Woodchuck Guide Book, Treasure from Toth-Ra, Nerf Gun, and Bag of Marbles.

Webby and Louie come with the following accessories: Infared Goggles, Grappling Hook , Louie’s Cell Phone, and PEP! Can.

The Nerf gun accessory from the Daytrip of Doom episode, that comes with the other 2-pack, looks great with Webby too.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie have five points of articulation each: Head, Both Arms, Both Legs. Webby has three points of articulation: Head, Both Arms. Her skirt does not allow her the flexibility to move her legs which can be a problem getting her to stand by herself. If you position her head in a slight downward position to balance her more.

I love these two packs, and I think that they are a solid value priced at $12.99 rather than each kid being in an $8.99 solo pack.

Tweet pictures of your PhatMojo DuckTales action figure collection to @DuckTalks.

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