Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket Review

In May 2018, Fantagraphics launched its Disney Masters series with Mickey Mouse: The Delta Dimension. This new Disney Masters series is a monthly release that introduces the reader to new Disney stories that were published internationally and never before released in the United States.

Fantagraphics followed up Mickey Mouse: The Delta Dimension with volume 2 in the series, Donald Duck: Scrooge’s Money Rocket. The book was released on June 5th, 2018. This book is by Luciano Bottaro, and it is available in hardcover format or Kindle/ComiXology.

Collected Issues

The stories in this volume were originally published in Italy, and appear in English here for the first time.

Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket” from Topolino #230-232 (March 10, March 25, April 10, 1960)

The Return of Rebo” from Topolino #2049 (March 7, 1995)

TV Trickery” from Topolino #397 (July 7, 1963)

About the Author

Luciano Bottoro is a comics legend in Europe. He spent 54 years in the comic business. In that timespan, he would work on more than 150+ Disney stories. The first Disney story that he would work on was for an issue of Topolino, “Donald Duck’s Honorific” (July 1952). Most of his work has not been seen in the United States.


When Scrooge rockets his money to the moon to save it from the greedy Beagle Boys, Donald Duck accidentally stows away ― and gets stranded on an asteroid! With Rebo, Warlord King of Saturn, suddenly in the picture, can Donald rescue himself and rescue Scrooge’s fortune? Italian comics maestro Luciano Bottaro (1931–2005), building on the Carl Barks tradition, spun wild, thrilling, and near-psychedelic Duckburg tales for decades! Now Fantagraphics brings Bottaro’s best Disney works to the English-speaking world ― starting with Rebo, Bottaro’s great sci-fi bad guy! After Rebo’s first feature-length battle with Donald and Scrooge in “Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket,” the avaricious alien is back from outer space in “Rebo Reducks.” Then, Bottaro pits Scrooge against Carl Barks’s beloved Witch Hazel in “TV Trickery!” Full-color illustrations throughout.


I love that this Disney Master series by Fantagraphics exists to help introduce fans to new Disney comic writers and illustrators. We all know about the legendary Carl Barks and Don Rosa. So it is nice to read new stories from a European comic legend, Luciano Bottoro. It is also great to read stories that were never released before in the United States.

I am not going to repeat what is already listed above in the official synopsis. The first two stories in this volume put Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gyro Gearloose, and Little Bulb in a space story setting. We are a long ways away from Duckburg. We get introduced to new characters like the Jovians from Jupiter and the Supreme Leader of Saturn, Rebo, and his two generals. Rebo and his generals are the protagonists of the first two stories.

Here are some fun facts about Rebo. Rebo from Saturn is a character that was first introduced in Italian comics in 1937. In 1940, the first few episodes of his series Saturn Against the Earth was published in the USA comic book Future Comics. It was the first Italian comics story published in the USA. Rebo made his Disney Comics debut in the 1960 published comics that make up the first story in this book, Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket. Rebo looks a lot different in the Disney comics than he did in the comics where he made his debut in the late 1930s. Rebo and his generals want to take over Jupiter, and they want the greatest inventor of Earth, Gyro Gearloose, to help them. It is too bad that Rebo’s generals think Donald Duck is Gyro. Hilarity follows!

35 years after Luciano Bottoro’s first story of the Donald Ducks encounter with Rebo, he decided to make a sequel where Rebo returns for revenge and this time he has his eyes also set on Earth. Who will win? I guess you are going to have to read it to find out.

The third story in this book features Hazel the Witch, and who honestly doesn’t enjoy a good Hazel story. Bottoro wrote quite a few Hazel stories in his lifetime, and this one fits in with this book because it also features Scrooge McDuck.

I definitely recommend this book for Duck Fans to get a chance to see Luciano Bottoro’s take on Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck. I hope that the Disney Masters series continues for a long time so that we can be introduced to more great Disney Comic writers and illustrators with great stories from Europe.

You can purchase this book at the link below:

Disney Master’s Vol. 2 Donald Duck: Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket

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