Crafts: Disney Afternoon Perler Beads

I wanted to get my kids, Brandon (10) and Cody (7), into some creative crafts this summer. So this weekend I decided that we would make some Perler bead creations based on the 8 bit versions of Scrooge McDuck and Darkwing Duck from the classic NES games.

What you will need:

-Perler beads in assorted colors.

-Perler bead peg board

-Perler bead design template

-Ironing paper


I bought all of my supplies from Joann Fabrics with some coupons I found online. I already had the iron at home.

You can do a google search for the character that you want to create to see which Perler bead colors that you will need to buy.

For Scrooge McDuck: black, red, light blue, white, gold, and brown

For Darkwing Duck: black, purple, light purple, gold, and silver.

I bought a color assortment box that had purple, gold, and red. I bought individual Perler bead packs that had light blue and light purple, and a 4 pack of tubes that had black, silver, white, and brown.

You can use the following templates for either of these characters.

Assemble the Perler beads on the Perler bead peg board using the pattern above.

Place ironing paper on top of your creation and carefully iron your creation through the ironing paper to fuse all of the beads together. Repeat in circles with your ironing to make sure that you fuse all of the pieces especially the edges.

My kids had a blast and are already requesting characters that they would like to do next time.

Good luck…have fun…and don’t forget to tweet us pictures of your creations to @DuckTalks.

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