Mighty Ducks Included In DuckTales Disney Afternoon Universe!

I had to start with the image! If you are like us, you enjoy looking for the Disney Afternoon references the show’s team includes in each episode. I for one became very excited when Bouncer Beagle turned around in “Who Is Gizmoduck?!” to reveal that he was wearing a very familiar looking hockey mask and carrying a hockey stick.

There should be no doubt that this disguise confirms that inter-dimensional, hockey playing ducks exist in the DuckTales 2017 universe. Big Time is wearing a Scrooge McDuck Sun-Stache, and Burger is wearing a Donald Duck mask. Both very real characters in DuckTales. So why wouldn’t we come to the conclusion that Bouncer Beagle’s bill-shaped hockey mask is in fact designed to mimic the mask worn by the Mighty Ducks’ goalie (and team leader) Wildwing Flashblade!?

The Mighty Ducks is another Disney animated show that aired in the 90s. It ran for 26 episodes and even inspired an attraction at Walt Disney World (that was removed only in recent years). The show followed the adventures of a group of freedom fighting ducks who became stranded in our universe after chasing their sworn enemies through a dimensional gateway.

The mask that no doubt inspired Bouncer’s disguise is more than just a goalie mask. It was actually a great weapon from the Mighty Duck’s home world (Puckworld) called the The Mask of Drake DuCaine! Puckworld was perfectly suited for hockey and that meant the sport permeated every part of their culture. The mask provided the Ducks with the technological upper hand needed to defeat their enemies the Saurians.

I doubt season one has enough time in the remaining episodes to get into the adventures of Wildwing’s crew, but maybe in Season Two the Duck clan can join Nosedive, Duke, Mallory, Grin, and Tanya against the invading forces of Lord Dragaunus! But… if this isn’t Wildwing casing Glomgold’s exhibit at the museum in “The Golden Lagoon of Agony Plains!” I would be shocked!

Screen Shot 2018-07-14

We did ask one Mighty Ducks’ fan on twitter what she thought about the revelation and she said;

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.30.29 PM

***Disclaimer*** This blog may be full of hyperbole because of our excitement for Mighty Ducks in DuckTales… but come on… I mean, it’s true, right?

Before you run, check out the intro from The Mighty Ducks animated series.


  1. “There can be no doubt…” While Frank and Matt continue to build their new DuckTales universe, I will point out one flaw in your argument. What would a hockey mask look like for any duck hockey goalee? Wouldn’t it look… just. like. that?

    Not to say they aren’t part of the universe. I don’t know one way or another. I do know that those DuckTales guys are capable of all sorts of surprises.

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    • Tad! My hero!
      I agree with you 100%. I actually meant it to be hyperbole… Maybe I need to either be more over the top or put a disclaimer at the end…
      Either way, thank you for reading my blog!


  2. I picked up on the same thing, but I thought it was more of a reference to the hockey team logo (which was also used in the cartoon) than Wildwing himself. That type of duck helmet’s used pretty clearly as the logo and was for years in the NHL as well as in the movies. In fact, the original Wild Wing mascot for the Ducks looked pretty close to this as well. And while Tad is a LEGEND!!! I’d argue that the type of mask depicted here hasn’t been a standard look for goalie equipment in a long, LONG time. It’s gotta be a reference.

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