DuckTales Destination: Adventure! Released Today!

Hey there DuckTales fans! We may be experiencing a break from new episodes of DuckTales for the next couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy episodes of DuckTales at home.

Today is the home release of “DuckTales Destination: Adventure!” This DVD is crammed with six episodes of the reboot and also includes two episodes of the classic show that were never released on home video.

Check out the episode listing below.

DuckTales 2017 Episodes

• The Beagle Birthday Breakout!

• The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!

• The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!

• The Spear of Selene!

• The Missing Links of Moorshire!

• Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!

OG DuckTales

  • New Gizmo-Kids on the Block
  • Ducky Mountain High

If you are a fan of our blog or podcast then you have probably already seen the six episodes from DuckTales (2017) that are included on this release multiple times.

Let’s dive deeper into the two classic DuckTales episodes that were including on this release:

New Gizmo-Kids on the Block

This was the 97th episode of classic DuckTales. There were only 100 episodes of classic DuckTales so this was one of the last episodes to air for the series. It is a GizmoDuck episode so it is a perfect fit for this release to compliment Beware of the B.U.D.D.Y. System!

Here is the synopsis:

Fenton’s mother accidentally shrinks his GizmoDuck suit, and the child-sized suit ends up in the hands of Scrooge’s nephews.

Ducky Mountain High

This was the 94th episode of classic DuckTales. This is a Goldie episode which you would think would be great with the Home dvd release that will gave the DuckTales (2017) Goldie episode, but there are other Goldie episodes that they could use for that release.

Here is the synopsis:

Scrooge meets up with Glittering Goldie again in order to acquire land filled with golden trees from her. However, Glomgold also wants that land.

Currently the best price on this DVD is at Target where it is $9.99, Walmart has it listed online for $10.54, and Amazon only has it listed from second hand sellers.

The previously unreleased episodes promise to be a good time. So who picked up a copy of this DVD today? If you haven’t, do you plan on picking it up soon? Join the conversation below or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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