DuckTales Season One’s Digital Release Is In Two Parts…?!

I’ve been away on our family vacation to Walt Disney World (expect some blogs soon!), but I just realized something this morning that I need to pass along to you. All week we had people letting us know that DuckTales was on Amazon for $2.99. Which we shared on Twitter, but what we did not realize was that it was Volume 2 of Season 1!?

Last year I bought the Season Pass for Season One of DT17 for $9.99 on both iTunes and Amazon, but what I did not realize was that they were for the first half of season 1… This morning the girls and I sat down to re-watch “McMystery at McDuck McManor!” and it wasn’t on our Season Pass!? A quick search on iTunes and Amazon revealed that the episode had been released under Volume 2’s Season Pass… I’m not going to lie… I don’t like this. When I bought the first Season Pass I do not remember it saying that it was for the first half of the season… And it’s original price was $30! I’m glad I waited for it to go on sale before I bought it.

If you prefer to order your season Pass for Volume 2 on iTunes I am afraid it is currently listed for $28.99…

But if you use Amazon you can purchase the Season Pass for $2.99! Here’s a link (that supports DuckTalks at no additional cost to you!) DuckTales Volume 2.

You can also purchase Volume 1 of DT17 by following this link to Amazon currently priced at $19.99. DuckTales Volume 1

I’m curious, did you reason the first Season Pass was only for the first half of Season One? Did you expect Volume 2? Will you buy from Amazon or wait for iTunes to have a sale on the Pass? Join the conversation below or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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