DuckTales Treasure Hunt Live! Update 5/15

DuckWeek has come and gone, but DuckTales Treasure Hunt Live! is still happening each and every day on the Disney Channel and the DisneyNow app. Lexi has played every single evening for Team Dewey (except that first Saturday, my bad), and she is determined to see her team catch Team Webby.

She had her mother call ahead last night to make sure I plugged her Kindle Fire up so she would have enough juice to play at 8:00 pm.

The game has been fun so far. Each evening there has been a new background from that night’s episode to find the assorted treasure. This week we began seeing a second background for episodes that we had already experienced. It was cool looking through the Atlantis treasure room while it was filled with water.

But let’s talk about the competition! After two weeks of DuckTales Treasure Hunt Live! Team Webby still holds a sizable lead over the second place Team Dewey. It looks like Webby may have pulled ahead some in the past week. I think this is a testament to the popularity of the character. Team Webby appears to be full of spirit and ready to win this challenge.

Team Dewey continues to hold that second place position (no doubt because of Lexi’s determination and keen search-and-find skills), but it does look like Team Louie may have gained some ground. Don’t give up Team Dewey, you can still win this!

Players need to keep a lookout for shenanigans from Team Louie because I am certain they have some kind of scheme to take the lead in the final half of the challenge. They’ve gained ground and are in the primo position to take second place and catch Team Webby.

Team Huey continues to bring up the rear, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these fans have a slow-and-steady plan to eventually overtake everyone at the last half of the challenge. It’s not over Team Huey, a Junior Woodchuck never gives up!

We are having a blast with DuckTales Treasure Hunt Live! and we hope you are too. Let us know what you think of the Hunt so far. How is your team doing? Do you have a strategy to win? You can join the conversation below or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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