DuckTalks Episode #020 –

Pirate Steven and Mitch have another fun episode to help you wait out the end of the hiatus. Episode 20 includes new emails, new details on Donald’s Dino-Bash, the guys reaction to the news of a Powerline Pop!, and they breakdown the newest promos in anticipation of the DuckTales 2017’s return to television. We hope you enjoy this episode. If you do, would you consider giving us a review?

DuckTalks Episode #020 – 


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  1. I’ve been thinking it would be fun if Launchpad had a series of dreams where he and Darkwing are a team. Maybe it could be a spin off, kind of like the 1980s Bob Newheart show where in the series finally he wakes up in bed with his wife from the 70s Bob Newheart show and the 80s show was apparently a dream.

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