What is Duck Week!?

We are still trying to go through all of the news dumped on DuckFans last week with that included the announcement of DuckWeek. Here’s what we know.

DuckWeek will be a a week-long (duh!) event on the Disney Channel. It will begin on Sunday May 6th and include DuckTales promotions with the various Disney television divisions (ESPN, Disney Studios, ABC Television), Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Store and shopDisney.com, and even a Snapchat filter.

It certainly sounds like the Disney Channel has planned a monstrous promotion for DuckTales first month on the channel. Duck Week sounds like something that will bring a lot of joy to each and every DuckFan. At this time it is unclear what these promotions will look like on the other channels or in the parks and resorts, but I am beginning to believe Duck Week will be when DuckTales merch will become available in the Disney Stores and at shopDisney.com.

I was at our store today and I asked a cast member if she knew when the merchandise would be available. She knew there was merchandise coming, but she didn’t know when.

The Snapchat filter sounds like a lot of fun, and may even entice me to download the app for the first time. The Deadline Hollywood article explained that it would allow fans “to jump into a virtual Money bin with DuckTales characters.”

Well, that is what we know about Duck Week at this time. It is great to know the hiatus is almost over and that we have so much to look forward to in May. What do you think about Duck Week? How will you be participating? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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