The Disney Store Plushies Are Coming!

It is becoming a very busy DuckTales news day. Earlier today Co-Producer of DuckTales 2017 retweeted a picture of DuckTales 2017 Plushies from the Disney Store!

I was ready to make a straight line for our nearest store, but my wife called first and they did not have them in stock. We also checked with another store within a reasonable drive, but they have not received them either.

Picture by @MandyJean

I checked the twitter account that first posted the image and they are in the UK. So heads up US DuckTales fans, Disney Store Plushies are Coming!

The toys look great, and the twitter user has answered a few questions about their size and quality. Looks like these will be included in the 8″ series. We buy a lot of these small Plushies and plan to have them as soon as they are available.

*Update* more images are being shared on social media from Duck Fans across the Pond and it appears these may also be available in the Medium Plush toys. That means they are more likely 14″-15″ and may cost around $19.99-$22.99 in stores. We will just let you know when we can confirm medium size. 🤣

Reviews will be posted as soon as we can get our hands on these!

What do you think of these first official DuckTales Plushies? Which will you buy? Or will you buy them all? Who do you hope they add to the series?

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