Custom TaleSpin Funko Pint Size Heroes

I am a big fan of the Funko Pint Size Heroes line. I am currently trying to collect all of the Disney and Marvel Pint Size Heroes figures. There was an amazing series of Disney Afternoon Funko Mystery Minis released last year, but so far there have been no Disney Afternoon Pint Size Heroes characters.

Baloo, King Louie, and Mowgli from Jungle Book were part of Disney Pint Size Heroes Series 1 that was released last year.

I decided to ask my talented artist friend Raynaldo Perez if he could customize my Baloo and King Louie figures into the TaleSpin versions of these characters. I met Raynaldo during the Disney Infinity years. He made amazing custom Disney Infinity figures including a TaleSpin Baloo custom Disney Infinity figure which is my favorite custom figure from my Disney Infinity collection. Below are pictures of the finished custom figures. It is easy to say that Raynaldo nailed it with perfect representations of TaleSpin Baloo and King Louie in pint size form. These figures are my two new favorite Pint Size Heroes in my collection.

Please make sure to follow artist Raynaldo Perez on Twitter and check out his portfolio on his website.

Twitter: @Kirdein


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