Darkwing Fans, It’s Time To Get Dangerous! #SaveDarkwing

Darkwing Duck is my favorite Disney Afternoon show. The characters, the slapstick, the theme song… It all brings a smile to my face. I remember reading the Darkwing Duck comic when I was little. They mostly re-told the stories I had already seen on my TV, but that didn’t matter. I read through those comics over and over again.


In 2016 I found out there was a new Darkwing Duck comic coming out by James Silvani and Aaron Sparrow. After looking them up, I found out they had already done a series before! A quick visit to amazon.com and I had their Definitively Dangerous addition (affectionately known among fans as the Omnibus) on it’s way to my mail box. I then made a trip to a local comic book shop for the first time in years, and requested that they order me two copies of each issue of the new series that would be published by Joe Books.

When the massive trade arrived I sat down with my oldest daughter and we began reading the stories. That was the first time she heard my version of Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, Megavolt, Nagaduck and many more. It wasn’t long after we finished the Omnibus that we were able to begin reading the new series.

Unfortunately, the series only lasted eight issues. There is a lot that can be said about why Darkwing Duck’s latest series didn’t last… but it is not because there isn’t interest in the character. In fact, the creators still sell out of the trade paperbacks at conventions. The past few months Funko has put out a number of DW figures and we are expecting a Funko plush soon. With the news that DW will be making an appearance this season on DuckTales 2017 interest in the character may be at an all-time high. 51Ke0WskdTL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_

This week I was on Joe Books’ website and I noticed they had the Darkwing series marked down. Many of the single issues are on sale and the second trade is marked down to $7.50. Many of the issues were sold out, so I visited Comixology to see if they had a sale on the digital issue…

Darkwing was gone! If you haven’t picked up this series before, I am very sorry for you. It is a great series, and it’s sad that it is no longer available in it’s entirety. If you run into Aaron Sparrow or James Silvani at a convention you may find the last of these trades available for sale (with a few awesome signatures). After a moment of sadness, I had a moment of excitement when it dawned on me why the series would be removed from Comixolody… Joe Books no longer has the license!

I started reaching out to see if anyone had any information on the status of the Darkwing  Duck comic license, and it appears that Disney may be looking for a publisher. This is the time for Darkwing fans to push the #SaveDarkwing hashtag again. IDW and Dark Horse are currently publishing Disney comic books, and why shouldn’t they want to publish a Darkwing Duck comic? If you love Darkwing, if you loved Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani’s work on Darkwing at Joe Books then NOW IS THE TIME TO TELL THESE PUBLISHERS!

This is our call to Darkwing fans everywhere. If you want Darkwing Duck comics it is time to reach out to IDW and Dark Horse and let them know that you will buy a Darkwing Duck comic by Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani.



We can’t leave our hero like this!….



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