Disney DuckTales Woo-oo! Read-Along Review!

It has been five months since DuckTales 2017 first premiered on Disney XD. We have enjoyed 9 episodes so far including the 44 minute premiere episode titled “Woo-oo!” Since the show first aired we have been waiting for merchandise for the show. To date, the majority of the show’s merch has been comics and books. There are a number of items now listed on ShopDisney.com so if you are looking for shirts or mugs head over there by following the link.

One of the books that my family has been looking forward to is the Read-Along Storybook and CD for the premier episode “Woo-oo!” Because this book was designed for ages 3 and up, I thought it would be a great time to include my daughters. We sat down and recorded their review for the story for DuckTalks Episode 10. You can listen to that episode by following the link below, and if you want to skip to the review it can be found around the 45 minute mark.

DuckTalks Podcast Episode 010 – A New Quack!

Disney DuckTales Woo-oo! Read-Along Storybook and CD

Read-Along Executive Producer: Randy Thornton

Read-Along Story Produced by Ted Kryczko and Jeff Sheridan

Adapted by Bill Scollon

Based on the episode “Woo-oo!” Written by Frank Angones for the television series developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones

Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Arts Team

Featuring the voice talent of:

Narrator: Jason Spisak

Donald Duck: Tony Anselmo

Huey: Danny Pudi

Dewey: Ben Swartz

Louie: Bobby Moynihan

Scrooge McDuck: David Tennant

Webby Vanderquack: Kate Micucci


Disney DuckTales Woo-oo! Read-Along is a great purchase for any parent with a child age 3 and up. The book is a short read and it comes with a CD of the story that is 15 minutes long. The book includes the first half of the DuckTales 2017 premiere episode titled “Woo-oo!” The CD includes recordings of many of the show’s voice actors. The art is fantastic, and if the Disney Storybook art team didn’t pull it straight from the episode I would be surprised. My kids have read/listened to this story many times, and at $6.99 I feel that it was well worth the cost. Especially since my youngest who is just beginning to read loves reading along with the story.

Although I think this is a great purchase for children, I wouldn’t recommend it for an adult (or even teenager). We are seeing a lot of DuckTales 2017 printed merchandise, and many of these items adapt the story of the show’s premiere. For example, you can purchase the Cinestory comic by Joe Books for $9.99 and read the entire movie in comic book format. You can still get the premiere episode for free at iTunes, Amazon, and you can stream it on YouTube. The last time I checked (I bought them so I can’t check any longer) the season pass for the first season was $9.99 on both iTunes and Amazon.

Final Verdict?

Buy it for your kids, buy it if you want to collect everything released in the show’s first year, and buy it if you want to spend a few dollars to tell Disney that DuckTales 2017 is worth investing in.

If you are older than 12 years old you will probably want to purchase this story in another format.

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