DuckTalks Is Now An Award Winning Podcast!

On Friday December 29th @WestersaurusNXT hosted his annual Twitter Awards on the social media platform Twitter. When the awards began around 9:00 PM est, we were looking forward to seeing who would win the prestigious awards this year.

When it came time for the Podcast of the Year we were ready to congratulate our peers for their recognition, and we were shocked to find that DuckTalks won the Podcast of the Year award!

We are very thankful for this award. It was an honor just to find that we were nominated. We would like to thank @WestersaurusNXT for this recognition and honor. When we started out, we were just a couple of guys who wanted to have a good reason to talk about cartoons. We feel that with each episode we get better, and the show means more to more and more people.

We would like to thank our families who watch the show with us, and allow us to spend time on the podcast. We want to thank for their support and guidance, and we want to thank our listeners who are the reason why we sit around in our pajamas and talk about anamorphic ducks on the internet.

Thank you all!

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