DuckTales Premiere Coming to DVD!

The DuckTales reboot’s premiere (titled “Woo-oo!”) first aired on August 12th, 2017. It has become one of the most viewed programs created for the channel Disney XD. Not only did Disney Amimation debut the premiere with a 24 hour marathon, but the show has been free on iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play!

With all of this exposure it was a little surprising to see that a Pre-Order for “Woo-oo!” is listed on With so many free digital streaming options for the episode I was not looking for a home release. However, as popular as streaming has become there are still households who obtain their entertainment through physical media. The existence of the home release also leads me to wonder if the episode will be removed from those services in the near future.

The listing on is for the 44 minute premiere episode on DVD. I looked, and could not find a Blu-ray option. This is normal for most home releases of animated shows, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed that there would not be a HD option for physical media (at least not yet, I still have hope for the series release). The DVD is listed for $9.99.

You can Pre-Order your copy at by following the link: DuckTales: “Woo-oo!”

We have been on the look out for DuckTales merchandise, and it is nice to finally see something related to the show finally listed.
Will you be buying the DVD? Will you wait on the series release? Or have you already purchased a digital season pass? What are your thoughts on digital vs. physical release? And would you pay more for a HD option? Join the conversation below or on Twitter.

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