Podcast Episode 001 – Hello Duckburg!

Why would two thirty-something men create a podcast to discuss Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot? The answer is because they couldn’t keep from it. Join Pirate Steven and Mitch as they discuss their excitement and fandom for DuckTales, both old and new.
Check out our first episode of the DuckTalks Podcast at Rezd.tv (you can then subscribe on your Apple or Android device or to the RSS feed).

We’ve said we had a few project in the works. The Twitter account and this WordPress blog we’re both created to support our podcast. We knew from the beginning that DuckTalks was about a podcast, but we had to do some growing first.
Pirate Steven has been a host on podcasts for several years, but this is my (Mitch) first attempt at broadcasting across the internet. First I needed the right equipment (still working on that one), and then I needed to learn how to use it.
After several weeks we now have our first episode. We are very thankful for our friends at Rezd.tv and their support of our podcast. We want to find more and more ways to interact with other Duck fans. I hope you give our podcast a try, and subscribe to see what we are doing. There’s more to come.

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