Darkwing Duck Creator Shares New Details of His Appearances On DuckTales!


If you are reading this blog, you are probably like us. We love the Disney Afternoon, and we are head-over-heels excited for what we have seen of the new DuckTales reboot. The show has included easter eggs from past shows and even past comics. If you have been following the production of the show, you may have seen the “leaked” image from San Diego Comic-Con. You know the one where co-producer Frank Angones “accidentally” scrolled through some DuckTales images and stopped on this one.

Ever since that moment, many of us have tried to find more information about the masked mallards appearance on the show. This past weekend Steven (@ThePirateSteven) came across a video of the creator of Darkwing Duck, Tad Stones, talking about Darkwing Duck’s eventual appearance(s!) on the new DuckTales reboot, and we are dying to talk about it!

The video appears to be from DragonCon and includes current (I’m not giving up hope!) Darkwing Duck comic artist James Silvani. Here is what Mr. Stones said;

It will run for a while (DuckTales)… There’s a hiatus around the holidays, and then when it comes back I’m sure you will not be able to escape it because the episode they are coming back with, evidently at this moment is the Gizmoduck episode. Which is of course Lin-Manuel Miranda doing the voice… And in that same episode you may get a glimpse of another super heroic type duck.

James Silvani chimed in with, “Something that flaps in the night.”

Tad Stones is one of our favorite creators from Disney Afternoon.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at DragonCon this year. If you ever catch him in an artist alley or one of his panels at a convention don’t miss out. Unfortunately, I missed this panel (And now I’m twice as disappointed!). Of all of the classic Disney Afternoon shows, Darkwing Duck remains my favorite to this day. And I would say that it sparked my love for superheroes. I still fondly watch the series on DVD with my family, and in all honesty we went to DragonCon to meet Tad and James. Tad’s excitement for DuckTales is through the roof, and it has been from day one. I’ve had the pleasure of a few conversations with him about the show, and the creators of DuckTales couldn’t ask for a better ambassador.

It’s great to have an idea of when ol’ DW will show up on Disney XD (If the episode shuffle doesn’t change that).  I am glad the show creators wanted to include him, but I am also glad that he won’t be in next weeks episode. Like I said I’m a huge DW fan, but I want this show to be about DuckTales.  I want to learn more about these characters, I want to see their adventures, and I want to learn more about the mysteries that have already been dangled in front of us.

Knowing that we get a little Darkwing this season has me excited. Knowing that he will likely return in a somewhat larger role in season 2 has me ready to preorder it on iTunes. And knowing that Tad Stones is this excited about it has me ready to buy anything DuckTales or Disney Afternoon related to support this show.

My understanding is that at the panel Tad Stones discussed DW possibly having future appearances on the show, and that we may or may not see that role expand. He also indicated that as a fan he hopes to see Disney pick up a new Darkwing Duck series. The possibility of a new Darkwing Duck show hasn’t been this real for a very long time… I cannot express my excitement in words… Bring on the new Disney Afternoon!


P.S. Go buy all the DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, and Disney Afternoon comics, Funko Pops!, and minis! The best way we can tell Disney that we want more ducks is through our bucks!

So what do you think? Are you excited to learn more about DW’s appearance in the new DuckTales reboot? What was your favorite Disney Afternoon show? We’ve had Easter Eggs, but which characters from the other shows do you hope to see in DuckTales?

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