Join Our Podcast Live Recordings!

We love being part of the DuckTales Fan Community. One of the goals of our podcast is to promote conversation, and we enjoy including all of you in our podcast. That is why our blogs encourage discussion and that is why we started reading emails on the podcast.

But our goals to include you were loftier than just reading emails, and now we are able to include more communication with you through Discord. We have changed the way we record the podcast because we want you to join us.

Unfortunately, the method to do this is a little complicated and we want to make it as easy as we can. There are a few steps necessary to listen to our live recording session and to participate in the live chat, but you can do it all through one app/website.

To begin simply log into Discord by using this link. Next, join REZDtv’s server. You should see the aqua-colored “R” on the top left of your screen like the image below.

After you have joined the server you will need to scroll to the bottom of the REZDtv channel list to find the Voice Chat Channels and select the one called DuckTalks Podcast Recording.

This should connect you to the podcast recording. Do not worry about your microphone or anything, we have everyone except those invited to speak on the podcast muted. If we are live you should see us logged into the recording

Once you have joined the live recording you can scroll back toward the top to find our ducktalks channel in the list of REZD Podcast Channels. You will need to join this channel to participate in the chat (text). You will remain logged into the recording until you scroll down and log out of the recording.

I hope that helps! If you have further questions on how to join us you can email us, send us a tweet, or message us in the discord. We look forward to seeing you in the DuckTalks Live Recording Chat!