Remaining DuckTales Season 3 Episode Titles and Descriptions!

Ok… so I forgot to include these in the last blog.

We already knew the next episode would be “BITS!” and that it would include Fenton and Gandra Dee working on a top-secret experiment. There was also talk of the next episode being “The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!” from some cable forum. We have seen clips from this episode in the recent Disney XD DuckTales promo (that I just realized we don’t have on the site… scroll to the bottom I’ll include it). This is the TaleSpin episode we’ve been waiting for! The last episode before the finale has a nice play on the “Life and Times” title; “The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!” I believe co-executive producer, Frank Angones, has hinted at this episode on his Tumblr and we’ve been discussing this episode for months over on our Discord.

And then of course we have the season/series finale “The Last Adventure!” A 90-minute finale where the family will take on FOWL.


  1. The end of this March will mark the 30th anniversary of when Darkwing Duck first premiered on TV. I find it interesting that the Ducktales Reboot is ending so close to that time. Do you think this timing was intentional, and they’re planning to announce or drop a teaser for something Darkwing-related right at the end of Ducktales?

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    • If there is a DWD spin-off or reboot coming I think the end of DTs is a coincidence for that. The reported “reboot” is being made for Disney* and I’m not sure there is any incentive for a Disney XD show to advertise it.

      If there is a spin-off or reboot being made I do think we are close to the announcement.


      • Nah, I didn’t mean that the Ducktales cartoon itself would be dropping teasers; I don’t expect that at all, But maybe Disney itself would announce something? Probably not, but one can always speculate.


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