Is This The End?!

Yesterday was the first day of DuckTales 2017’s last hiatus of 2020 (because the hiatus will most likely last until at least February 2021). As Pirate Steven has recently blogged there is a lot to look forward to in the last five to six episodes of the season. But in true DuckTwitter fashion the day went from excitement over “How Santa Stole Christmas!” to somber realizations that we are in hiatus, and then to… Papa John’s interactions…?

However, before the night was over everyone gathered behind the rally cry #RenewDuckTales2017. DuckTales’ seasons 2 and 3 were quickly announced, but so far in 2020 we had not heard whether the show would return for a fourth season. We had all remained hopeful for some time, but as the end of season 3 neared we couldn’t help but feel that this would be the end of the show.

As Tweets began to use the hashtag, one lone crusader decided to share in the fun by insisting the show is over and that the attempt was futile. Everyone gasped and clutched their tissues as they realized this account had a blue check mark… Verified.

And then the lamenting and the sobbing began as we faced the realization that someone with connection in the industry was pulling the Christmas tree rug out from under our collective feet. Next all of the fan accounts began confirming what many of us had been suspecting in recent months… Sadly DuckTwitter went to bed disheartened and worried.

As I lay in bed, after recording a podcast episode that was hijacked by the tweet, I couldn’t help but scroll through all of the gloomy tweets from friends and fellow DuckFans who didn’t deserve to find out from this tweet. As I scrolled I kept seeing declarations that DuckTales 2017 had been cancelled, but that isn’t accurate…

There is a big difference between a show being cancelled and a show ending. Now that we know the end of the show may be imminent (I don’t like how this was stated in the tweet, but I don’t disagree that the show is ending with S3), we can look back on season 3 and see there were many signs that season 3 has been planned as the end of the series.

First of all, we were all dumbfounded when it was announced the show runners requested to have the show moved to Disney XD. It was stated this would allow the show to have a more consistent release, but that always seemed like a poor trade off for the Disney Channel’s broader audience. I think it was even said the decision was an emotional one because Disney XD was so supportive of the show’s beginnings. I don’t know that this was a sound decision if the show wanted a renewal for another season. I believe they wanted the show on Disney XD because a consistent release schedule and an emotional ending on the channel that started it all was poetic. It was a good move when you aren’t trying to get renewed.

We also had a Season 3 poster that either indicated the show was expanding into spin-offs with many Disney Afternooniverse characters returning to their own shows after being introduced on DuckTales, or the show runners were trying to fit everyone from their wish list in one final season. While I still believe spin-offs are possible, looking back at this season it is clear that DT17 crammed many characters into season 3’s stories. I would say they were pretty successful. Some felt more like Easter eggs (Goofy), but others were given such prominence that those episodes stand out in season 3 with excellent characters and storylines that feel like they could be expanded on (Darkwing Duck). I think it is clear that season 3 was desperate to fit all of these characters in before the end.

This season we have also seen many, talented crew members go on to work on new projects. Many of these moves will benefit other great shows that we can all support. As we hear about these projects in the coming days we will be sure to share them with our readers and listeners.

Finally, season 3 has felt like the stakes were high from the very beginning. Season 2 ended with a heavy revelation that Scrooge’s most capable adversary was one he didn’t even know existed anymore. I feel that this has been discussed throughout season 3 among the DuckFans. Where would the show go after this!? I mean, I fell into the trap of believing this expanding universe was too big and demanded more stories, but in reality how many more stories does the crew have for the Ducks. Not Drake, Fenton, or Boyd, but Scrooge, Donald, Louie, and even Della. The big stories have been told, and although we have speculated at directions the show could go… really what we’ve been expecting is stories about more characters. Which could be accomplished by spin-offs. Between season 1’s reconciliation, season 2’s story of restoration, and now season 3’s emphasis on legacy a large 75 episode arc has taken place.

We believe DuckTales has NOT been cancelled. The show went into season 3 knowing it was the end. They planned a large arc for this family, and we are coming down to the end. We only have a few episodes left to introduce a few more characters and concepts before wrapping up this seasons confrontation with F.O.W.L. I expect the show to end in a satisfying way. We now have many DuckTales 2017 episodes to enjoy for years to come. The show has inspired creativity and comradery among the fandom. We hate to see it end, but knowing that it is ending does allow us to prepare for the end. I’m sure DuckFans will come up with great send offs for the show and crew. Oh, and you know that we are going to have an exciting ending in the series finale.

Again, I wish we had an official announcement or a tweet from someone on the show… really anything but the comments made, but that’s the internet for you. Someone is always hoping to place themselves in the narrative. But I’m not sure that any announcement would have been well received. And animated shows don’t always announce the end. They don’t want the target audience to decide the show is no longer relevant and stop watching. I suspect we get a promo for the last few episodes or finale that will declare it the series end.

I hope we can all comfort one another and enjoy the last few months of DuckTales (we are on hiatus after all). We still have one more build up to new episodes. We only have one episode description for the next 5-6 episodes! We have new characters still to come, and SO MANY storylines to wrap up. Let’s make the most of the next few months. We’ve enjoyed sharing in our fandoms together, and we look forward to what is next.


  1. While not totally unexpected, it still hits like a gut punch. Kind of hoping for a one-off movie after the series, but the season finales really play like movies already!


  2. I can’t say I’m surprised, since these Disney Channel shows don’t usually last very long. But also, it didn’t really move a lot of merchandise (all those action figures on Clearance at Target), which is what they really seem to care about.


  3. the blog “lets go easy disney xd” isn’t working, I wanted to comment if ducktales ended then it wouldnt be copyrighted anymore but i would animate my own ducktales show, but im acting weird, but i have a plan to save ducktales!!!!!!
    1. you contact david tennat.
    2. you ask him, “is ducktales over or what do you think?!?!”
    3. If you cant find him go ask kate miccuci. or if webby dosent answer ask becket bennet.
    4. tell me what he/she says. Or ask some other cast.

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  4. I’ve stayed away from commenting because I honestly didn’t know what to say – but you know what? Yea, this is sad. But I’m okay with this. We’re lucky. We didn’t get a cancellation we got a proper series finale. And besides, DuckTales isn’t really over. The show is gone but think about it, we have a massive community now, and we still might get a Disney+ exclusive Darkwing Duck reboot in the coming few years, so yea, DuckTales is done, but clan McDuck won’t die for a long time.

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  5. I think since they probably knew the show was gonna end after season 3 was probably the reason the second wave of toys was cancelled and also why the dt17 version of huey,dewey, and louie never made it to mickey and minnies runaway railway and only apeared in that one promo

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  6. Hello Ducktalks, I’ve been listening to your AMAZING podcast for a decent amount of time and I wanted to ask on your opinion about ducktales not proceeding with a fourth season, the officially announced Darkwing Duck reboot, and what you expect from the season finale/upcoming episodes.

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  7. Hey Ducktalks! I’ve been listening to your AMAZING podcast for a while now, and would love to hear your opinions/thoughts about Ducktales not proceeding with a fourth season, the (probably) officially announced Darkwing Duck reboot (which I’m kinda excited for), and what your expectations are for the season finale/upcoming episodes.

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    • Thank you for listening Mxite A.! I should have our next episode out this evening. We did discuss some of this news, but we were setting up to record when the “leak” happened that the show was ending.

      We plan on taking some breaks the rest of this month, and we have a special guest scheduled for next week! After that we will be back in January, and I promise we will have some discussion on the end of DuckTales 2017.

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