What We Have to Look Forward to Once DuckTales Season 3 Returns from Hiatus

Hello DuckTales Hiatus, my old friend

I’ve come to talk to you again…

Yes, we are now in DuckTales hiatus mode once again. We know we are only one day into the hiatus, but we thought it would be fun to talk about what we know is coming.

How many episodes are left in DuckTales: Season 3?

We are officially 3/4 of the way into DuckTales (2017) Season 3. The episode count so far is at 18 episodes. The previous two seasons have had 23 (S1) and 24 (S2). This leaves us with potentially 6 episodes remaining. The finale will most likely be a double episode like previous season’s “The Shadow War!” and “Moonvasion!”.

Open plot lines:

-Mrs. Beakley’s fib of “I have no secrets from you, from here on out.” to Webby from the ending of “The Lost Harp of Mervana!”

-Webby still has the vile of Gummiberry Juice from the episode “From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!“. The Gummiberry Juice also shows up on the DuckTales Season 3 poster.

-F.O.W.L. stole the majority of the Isabella Finch lost treasures at the end of “Escape from the ImpossiBin!”

-F.O.W.L. has Scrooge’s feather from the ending of “The Split Sword of Swanstantine!”

Known Episode Descriptions

There was one episode description for an episode that we haven’t seen yet that was leaked on the DuckTales season pass.

A “showboating pilot” is hired to take the adventuring ducks to an island of monsters.

Scrooge already has two pilots with Della Duck and Launchpad McQuack. This sounds like it will be the episode to feature the SeaDuck, Molly “Danger Woman” Cunningham, and Kit Cloudkicker from Disney’s TaleSpin. Don Karnage was on the DuckTales Season 3 poster so his return also is likely. Hopefully we will get to see Cape Suzette. The monsters on the island mentioned could also be the “Not the Wuzzles” that were shown at SDCC and in the season 3 poster.

After the TaleSpin and “Not the Wuzzles” appearances, we will have seen all characters that appeared in the DuckTales Season 3 poster make a season 3 appearance except for Bubba, Tootsie, Fethry, and Djinn. Quackfaster also has not been seen in season 3, but she has been mentioned.

Will there be a DuckTales Season 4?

Updated: Frank Angones and Matt Youngberg have officially announced that DuckTales (2017) will have ended its production run after the season 3 finale.

This is sad news, but we are happy that the creators are able to end the overall story on their terms. We look forward to an epic season finale.

Stay tuned to our Twitter feed, blog, and podcast as we face this hiatus together.


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