“Let’s Get Dangerous!” Casting And Images From ET!

The Disney XD, DuckTales hype continues today with ET’s exclusive coverage of “Let’s Get Dangerous!”

If you’ve heard our podcast you know we have been calling Stephanie Beatriz for the voice actress for Gosalyn and James Monroe Iglehart for Darkwing villain Taurus Bulba. Today that is confirmed! You can check out the article as well as some exclusive images from the episode by following the link below.

Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Taurus Bulba will be featured in the DuckTales episode “Let’s Get Dangerous!” on Monday, October 19th at 7 pm on Disney XD and on Disney Now!

Source: https://www.etonline.com/stephanie-beatriz-and-james-monroe-iglehart-drop-by-ducktales-darkwing-episode-first-look-exclusive


    • Taurus Bulba is now confirmed. We have also seen images of Bushroot attacking some of the kids, Bradford, and Gizmoduck. We do not have confirmation whether Bushroot will be in “Lets Get Dangerous!” or “Escape From The Impossibin!”


    • So far the only characters on the new show that have been voiced by their previous actors are those that were based on the original characters. Like the original Darkwing Duck and the Fearsome Fiv-Four.

      The rest of the characters are new interpretations and the show runners decided to recast for their characters. The thought is that although these characters are inspired by the previous versions they are not the same characters.

      James Monroe Iglehart appears to be a huge Darkwing Duck fan, and we are excited to meet his version of the character soon.

      Also, hopefully James will come on the show sometime in the future and we can hear a little more about his history with the characters!


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