What We Are Looking Forward To Post DuckTales Season 3 Hiatus!

Unfortunately, it appears DuckTales will remain in hiatus mode in August. The bright side is that August will be here and gone before we know during this pandemic time.

We are currently 7 episodes into DuckTales (2017) season 3. Season 1 had 23 episodes and season 2 had 24 episodes so we likely have 16 or 17 episodes remaining in this season. We know that we will be getting a Halloween episode from some of the DuckTales season 3 promos. You can see screenshots from that episode here. Another episode description that we know about thanks to iTunes is an episode with Webby, Penumbra, and a Glomgold Ferris Wheel. Will there be a season 4 and beyond? We all sure hope so.

Flashback to SDCC 2019, Frank Angones and Matt Youngberg previewed some images of characters from DuckTales season 3 at the DuckTales panel. Some of the characters in the images have shown up in the first 7 episodes: Goofy, Quack Pack, Rescue Rangers, and Daisy Duck.

The following characters were shown at the 2019 SDCC DuckTales Panel that have not made their DuckTales debut:

Santa Claus: Santa is a polar bear and a rival of Scrooge McDuck, and according to Scrooge “He knows what he did.” We will finally find out the origin of this rivalry.

Not the Wuzzles: We saw two characters that resemble two animals in one, Butterbear and Rhinokey. They definitely pay tribute to the Wuzzles, but most likely due to rights issues, these are #NotTheWuzzles.

Sea Duck, Kit Cloudkicker, and Molly Cunningham: Spin it! Bear’n grin it because we are getting more TaleSpin in DuckTales. We have seen the Sea Duck on a Cape Suzette brochure in the Shadow War episode in season 1, but we will finally get to see this famous plane in action in season 3. Kit and Molly will also be older than they were in the original TaleSpin series.

Taurus Bulba: Another Darkwing Duck centric episode with villain Taurus Bulba is another highly anticipated episode for DuckTales season 3. Taurus was Darkwing’s foe in the pilot episode (Darkly Dawns the Duck) of the classic Darkwing Duck series. We recommend watching that episode on Disney+.

Gosalyn: Gosalyn will finally meet her adopted dad Drake Mallard. There is a great new design with this character, and fans can’t wait to see Gosalyn enter the new Disney Afternooniverse.

All of these new characters listed above minus Taurus and Santa can be seen in the DuckTales Season 3 poster from the SDCC 2019 DuckTales panel.

Beyond what was announced at the SDCC 2019 DuckTales panel, the F.O.W.L. against Scrooge McDuck is the main story line of season 3. We have seen some episodes featuring known characters from the F.O.W.L. organization, but we have not seen episodes that show Gandra, John D. Rockerduck, and the Phantom Blot’s involvement with F.O.W.L. yet.

The other main story line from season 3 is the search for Isabella Finch’s documented lost treasures from her book. We have already seen a couple of the treasures: The Lost Harp of Mervana, The Third Eye Diamond, and The Lost Lamp of Collie Baba.

We have not seen two of the treasures that were visible from the book pages that were shown in the season 3 episode 1 when the book was discovered: The Stone of What Was? and The Fountain of Youth. You can read more about our theories on Isabella Finch’s lost treasures here.

We don’t know when DuckTales (2017) will start back up again, but we definitely have a lot to look forward to from the list above #Woooo #NeedMoreGlomgold. What are you looking forward to in the remaining episodes of DuckTales season 3. Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks


  1. What I’m looking forward to, is what you basically promised a LOOOONG time ago: That you’d do a “Part Two” write up on all the characters on said poster, that you left out in “Part One”. 😉

    I worry, it’s there’s just not enough of an incentive anymore, with a big chunk of the new characters having been shown in these first few episodes already… 😉
    Who has time during something like a pandemic anyway… 😉
    But you DID call what you did do “Part One”, so… 😉
    I’m winking so much, it hurts… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • You got me. For sure. Haha. Sorry El. I had ever intention on completing those blogs… the draft for Part 2 is around here somewhere… I even had Josh slice up the poster and put some cool numbering on it, but ultimately I didn’t get it done in time and like you said, many of those characters have shown up and I thought there was No Way anyone cared whether or not I completed that blog series. 🤣

      But you have shown me that I was wrong (again if I’m not mistaken). Haha.

      Ironically, I haven’t found myself with a lot of free time the past few months. We’ve tried to keep up with the news, but we did need to take a step back from the site while we each attended to things. We have been pumping each other up to get some stuff out, and you’ve just inspired me to get back on that project… once I finish the ones that Pirate interrupted me from to tell me you wanted Part Two!

      Thank you for reading El, and thank you for calling me out. 🤣


      • No problemo! 😉

        Maybe just do a post, simply naming them all and linking to a Disney Wiki article for each?

        And… take your time! 😜

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Regarding Santa Claus, I think Scrooge’s animosity towards him is entirely one-sided, because Disney would NEVER produce something depicting Santa as a villain. That’s more of a Seth MacFarlane thing.


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