Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Wolfman Resin Bust Review

A holiday movie has to be pretty solid to be able to be memorable and become a classic. In 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas successfully nailed two holidays to become one of the most beloved Halloween and Christmas movies of all time. With great movies comes great toys and collectibles.

If you have been following our review blogs, you have definitely seen that Diamond Select Toys is one of the leaders in Toys and collectibles for the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise.

Today we will be taking a closer look at the Wolfman Resin Bust. A big thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending us these fantastic products to showcase on the blog!


The Wolfman

Nightmare Before Christmas has some very memorable secondary characters from Halloweentown. Diamond Select Toys has done an excellent job of making sure those characters get some representation in their product lines. The Wolfman looks like he could howl at the moon at any minute. The base of the bust is made up of the stone architecture and pumpkins from Halloweentown. This six inch resin Wolfman bust is a Limited Edition of 3000 pieces.

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Resin Bust retails for $59.99. This resin bust can be purchased at comic book shops or on Diamond Select Toys’ website.

You can check with your local comic book shop for availability:

Comic Store Locator

Diamond Select Toys

Final Thoughts

The Nightmare Before Christmas Wolfman Resin Bust by Diamond Select Toys would make a scary addition to any Halloween or Nightmare Before Christmas display. Diamond Select Toy sculptors have put a lot of great detail into the Wolfman that I know fans will howl over.

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