PhatMojo Is Working On A DuckTales Action Figure Limited Release For 2019!

We have been eagerly anticipating the release of PhatMojo’s second wave of DuckTales action figures for some time now. It was all the way back in February when we saw an image of PhatMojo’s upcoming DuckTales Wave 2 in the website’s background, and we’ve heard from our readers and listeners at least once a week about these toys.

But then a lot of time passed. We had heard that Wave 2 was scheduled to be released this Spring, but when Spring came and went the amount of questions that we were receiving across email and social media hit a fever pitch. One thing has been clear to us, DuckFans loved their DuckTales action figures and want more. We dismissed the early concerns that something was wrong because we assumed DuckTales summer hiatus impacted the release of the figures. After all, many of the figures in the image were of characters or stories that had not yet aired.

All the while, we stopped hearing from PhatMojo for a time. That’s when we started having to convince ourselves that there wasn’t a problem. Recently one of our readers, Dylan Duck, let us know in a comment that they had reached out to someone at PhatMojo by email and they had received a reply. The reply stated that the wave was on “indefinite hold” and that a “limited release” was possible. They also said that although the first wave had a great response, “critical interest” was low for the second wave.

Upon reading these reports we reached out to PhatMojo CEO, Shawn McCarthy, hoping to gain more insight into what is going on and what we can all do to insure we have DuckTales figures available in stores as soon as possible. Shawn responded this weekend in a very positive email. There are plans for a “limited release” this year. I want to tell you what that means, but I am still waiting on confirmation that I can share that part of the email. As soon as we receive the go ahead we will let you all know.

The toy line as a whole needs “critical interest.” What does that mean? It means they need a retailer interested in selling us these toys! PhatMojo hopes to have the “limited release” worked out this week, but the broader toy line needs interest from retailers. This is where we need to get the word out to retailers that we want to buy PhatMojo’s DuckTales toys. The “limited release” planned for this holiday season could make a statement that may create that interest.

I didn’t want to write a blog tonight that didn’t give you the most important detail, but we also don’t want to announce what is in the “limited release” until we get the ok from PhatMojo. Where would you like to get your PhatMojo figures? Join the conversation below in the comments or on social media (just search for DuckTalks).


  1. I was expecting them to be released at Target like the last one seemed to be. I’ve also been saving $50 in my Swagbucks account to use on it since summer. I’m actually more excited for wave 2 than I was for wave 1 lol, especially for the Spear of Selene and the Della figure.

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    • We were expecting them before Fall for sure, but it sounds like Target is out of the deal. What PhatMojo needs is for us to let retailers know we want the figures. That includes Target in my book. They could always change their mind.


  2. The fact that the first wave was all on Clearance at Target didn’t seem like a good sign. I can remember waiting for the TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck action figures teased, but never released, by Playmates toys in the 1990s.

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    • Ok, let me state first that Target has an odd vusiness model. Everything there is for a limited time only, then they clearance it. They had 8 star wars exclusives during Fathers Day that were in SUPER HIGH demand. On the collector market a set of 6 that at retail cost around 62 dollars, were fetching in the 150 dollar range. They could not keep them in stock, and the day after Fatjers day they put them all on clearance for less than 3 dollars a pop. Target is not a good way to gauge. The sucsess of a line.


  3. I really want the new Ducktales toys their so cool I’d really like to see them sold at all major retailers to be honest I’m shocked that their isn’t high critical interest last time I went to target the Ducktales toys seemed to be selling well hopefully we can get the toys someway or another

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  4. Since Target is out, I’d like the Disney Store since I have a few near me that are usually well stocked. But I know others aren’t that lucky so maybe Walmart or Amazon since they are more accessible to most. I think I’d prefer Amazon because the closest Walmart is pathetic and understocked in ALL the departments.

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  5. There will be a renewed interest in both the new and original Ducktales when Disney Plus launches. I am at Disneyworld right now and the only Ducktales merch I’ve found are socks, and I bought 2 pair. I did meet Scrooge and Launchpad, and both lines were long. Plenty of people came up to me desperately asking where I got my Team Dewey shirt and my Scrooge Shirts. The fans are representing DT hard here. The lack of merch is disappointingly affecting many people. It would fuel the show too if kids had toys to create their own adventures between seasons. These NEED TO BE IN THE DISNEY STORE. Outlets like Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store need tocarry them as well.

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  6. I hope they include Canada in the limited release! Disney Store would work for me. November would make sense, with the Disney Plus launch and pre-Christmas season…


  7. I am from Mexico, here in Mexico there are many Ducktales fans, I have been waiting for the figure of Della Duck, maybe we can ask for support from other websites such as or so we can make more noise so that retailers can distribute Ducktales toys.

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  8. It is truly frustrating with the lack of merchandise. I mean I have been waiting for ever to get anything. Disney Junior shows launch and they release toys immediately. It’s mind boggling why this does not have more merchandising. I get First Series maybe didn’t have the impact they wanted but the second series has so much to offer and the show has been on that much longer. I hope they release series 2 and the show continues. So well made.

    And please release something of Scrooge and Darkwing so fans can buy some solid collectibles to display. Long overdue.

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