DuckTalks Episode #072 – DuckTalks Versus The Late Episode!

This episode was recorded the week of July 1st. The guys talk about Launchpad’s Theme Song Takeover, Webby on Merchandise, Beyond DuckTales, and SDCC speculation.



Disney Channel’s Theme Song Takeover Featuring Launchpad!

Officially Licensed Team Webby T-Shirt For Girls!

Officially Licensed Team Huey/Duey/Louie T-Shirt For Boys!

The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 8: Trail of the Unicorn Review



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  1. First comment here, yay!

    I was I listening to the podcast and the thing about the Phatmojo figures ending up in Bargin stores is really starting to seal my worry that Wave 2 isn’t happening, considering the first wave didn’t do that well in my stores (minus Scrooge and Donald they were hard to find everywhere), and it still took weeks for them to sell even on clearance. Also weren’t they supposed to come out back in May/June?

    No idea if a late release has been announced or if there waiting for September (hopefully not, all the figures have had there characters appear expect for that one pack).

    Really by now I have high doubts that we’ll see them released.
    Wow, that went on for to long.


    • Hey Dylan, we totally understand that people are losing hope on wave 2. We haven’t heard from our PhatMojo contact in a while, but last we did they were on track for a Spring release.

      One of these days we may learn about the issues of the first wave, but the toys appeared to do pretty well in my area (other than Glomgold and Launchpad).

      We know from PM’s banner there are some characters that we haven’t seen yet, and we have been speculating that what we saw isn’t everything the line will offer. We really believe the summer hiatus is the reason the figures are on hold. We also know something that PhatMojo hasn’t revealed about the second wave of figures, but we’ve been sworn by our contact to keep it quiet until they release the info… so we have a little more reason to be optimistic.

      We haven’t given up yet, but we’ve been in the dark for a while now. Hopefully PM issues some kind of announcement soon.


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