John D Rockerduck Announcement


John D Rockerduck has officially been announced to be airing in an episode in May. John Hodgeman posted today on instagram that he will be voicing Rockerduck on the episode “The outlaw Scrooge, Mcduck!” airing May 8th. This is an episode we did not know about till today. Our previous sources has episodes on May 7th (Treasure of the Found Lamp) and 9th (The 87 Cent Solution). John goes on to talk about him being the first to voice the obscure Scrooge McDuck rival and his excitement about the episode.


Frank Angones went to twitter after the announcement praising John Hodgeman performance in this role with the following tweet.

Matt Youngberg also writes about johns ad-libbed scenes is one of this favorite moments in the series in the following tweet.

Are you excited about John D Rockerduck? Let us know what you think of this announcement. Pin the conversation below in the comments or @DuckTalks on Twitter or Tumblr.


  1. So, what was the ad-libbed scene? The writers did such a good job and it was so hard to tell! My guess is it’s when he’s naming the gold nugget. Am I correct?


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