DuckTalks New York Toy Fair 2019 Coverage!

We were not able to attend Toy Fair 2019 in New York, but we will be watching for any DuckMerch that is revealed online. Yesterday, Funko revealed a bunch of 2019 products but there was no DuckMerch in those announcements.


7:49 am

Twitter user @PrzemekFalak tweeted at us that PhatMojo’s website has been updated with a new background image that shows off Wave 2 of their DuckTales figures!


In the image you can see that some of the packaging is different. I would say that the new teal packaging is for the Wave 2, but if you look on the top left corner you will see two packages with the Wave 1 yellow packaging…. and the middle figure appears to be Della Duck!

The image is blurry, but we can see that there will be new Scrooge and kids figures. The bottom right packaging appears to be two of the kids (Dewey and Webby) in some kind of brown hats… maybe coonskin caps? The top figure may be Dark Arts Beagle? The figure below that one appears to be Magica De Spell. The figure in the middle is a bit of a mystery to me…

The top shelf in the image has a Launchpad and Donald Duck plush!

You can visit PhatMojo’s website by following this link, but we have screen gabs below. (The image is better on a mobile device than on a computer).

8:45 am

IMG_0047 2We visited PhatMojo’s website to take a better look at this header image they have added. You can see that this display includes more of the smaller plastic figures in the new packaging. The image doesn’t allow us to see if they are the same figures.

I’m going to jump down to the middle shelf and point out that there is a Gizmoduck / Fenton two-pack! There is also a Spear of Selene ship being released. I think the item to the left of Gizmoduck may be a game? OR a box of smaller figures?

The bottom shelf includes new packaging for the SunChaser and the Money Bin. Looks like the Money Bin will come with a Scrooge.

If you look on the top shelf you can see the Launchpad plush.


IMG_0047 3


9:03 am

IMG_0053Friend of the show and contributor @EricRovtar point out there is a character two pack that may be Webby and Shadow Lena… I originally thought the character could be Mark Beaks, but the dark eyes were throwing me off… Looking at the image below the figure it looks like Lena’s clothes. The red shirted figure doesn’t look like Webby to me… any thoughts?


9:11 am

I can’t figure out who this is?

9:17 am

Pirate Steven just pointed out that the Spear of Selene appears to come with a Della Duck figure!


 11:46 am

After discussion with fellow DuckFans online we are starting to believe the figure one down from the top on the left may be a new Donald Duck figure. It looks like the image we thought could be Magica could be him with his hands on his hips.

We are still wondering who the character on the top left could be. Is it Black Arts Beagle, could it be Magica De Spell, or maybe…. Don Karnage!?

12:13 pm

Twitter user @ExAniron has posted a picture of the Spear of Selene without the PhatMojo logo, and there is a mysterious box behind it…

And @ExAniron had an image of the figurine box set.

1:30 pm

Is this Action-Adventure Launchpad McQuack! Is that a panda on his back!?

2:55 pm

Clear picture! shout out to @PrzemekFalak for sharing.

Looks like the Magica/Black Arts/Don Karnage is actually a new Launchpad figure, and what is that egg carton thing!?

6:50 pm

Nothing new, just more observations. This mystery box is covered in two separate places in the main photo… but Twitter user @SC pointed out someone familiar may be hiding in the shadows.

Sunday 12:00 pm

Here is the breakdown speculation of the new PhatMojo DuckTales Products:

DuckTales Action Figures:

1: Scrooge McDuck (Possible Variant)

2: Donald Duck (Possible Variant)

3: Launchpad McQuack (Variant from House of Lucky Gander)

4: Louie and Huey 2-pack (Suit Variant)

5: Dewey and Webby 2-pack (Hat Variant)

6: Della Duck

7: New Character

8: New Characters 2-Pack

9: Darkwing Duck (Pure Speculation)

10: Fenton and Gizmoduck 2-pack

DuckTales Action Figures Vehicles and Playsets

Money Bin w/ Scrooge McDuck PVC figure and new packaging

Sunchaser w/ Launchpad and new packaging

Spear of Selene w/ Della Duck

Darkwing Duck w/Ratcatcher (Pure Speculation)

DuckTales PVC Figure Pack

Possible variants with new packaging

Talking Plush

Launchpad McQuack

Donald Duck

Scrooge McDuck

Webby Vanderquack

Huey Duck

Dewey Duck

Louie Duck

DuckTales Figure Keychains

The box says to collect all 10. The following characters are pictured on the side of the box:

Scrooge McDuck

Launchpad McQuack

Webby Vanderquack

Louie Duck

DuckTales Egg Carton Plush

Possibly Huey, Dewey, and Louie as babies

Check Back Often!

We will continue to update this blog with all of our New York Toy Fair news. Check back often or follow us on Twitter @DuckTalks. If you find better images please let us know either on twitter or email them to






  1. So I’m wondering why Della and new Launchpad get yellow packaging, unless that’s just temporary, as these obviously aren’t final.

    The one I thought was Lena now looks to be Huey with crazy hair and some dark-skinned (feathered?) companion.

    Still trying to figure out what that box is next to Gizmoduck. Looks like tags of some sort.


    • It is strange why there are some with he yellow packaging. All of Wave 1 had yellow packaging. So… were these figures part of Wave 1?

      I think the set with the “not-Lena” may be two brand new characters. The clearest image doesn’t really look like any of the triplets.


  2. Hi, Have you noticed that the small PVC figures in pack look like they are wearing either diving or spacesuits?(maybe it is the Moon)


  3. Very exciting stuff! Did your contact at PhatMojo hint and when we might see full prototypes? Or will these just suddenly show up at Target? And do you think they will be sold online at Disney like the first wave?


    • Great questions. We haven’t spoken with PhatMojo since Toy Fair. Hopefully we get some news soon. We know the figures are planned for Spring. No idea if Series 2 will be released all at once or in waves.

      As with any retail release I think it is very likely these show up in stores before the actual release. That seems to be common for retail stores. We have been told we will receive some items to review and share with our followers. Stay tuned.

      We will ask about the Disney Store the first chance we get.


      • Officially, we don’t have an answer. However, we know many of the figures in the line are of characters and designs that are from episodes that have not been released.

        I’m sure the unexpected hiatus moved the release of the figures.


  4. Noooo! As far as I can see, I may just do when there are only plushes of characters of mine that talk. Do a little, “Plush dissection!” Still waiting on that one, higher-quality Scrooge, like at the 2018 Toy fair. That is my dream plush.


    • We’ve seen images of a Donald Disney Store Plush. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t make a Scrooge in that line. Disney takes a while sometimes on merch, but I have a feeling it’s coming.


  5. Maaaaan! In the blurry photo I was absolutely convinced that the new Donald was going to be a Gladstone figure. I was so stoked to get one. The higher res photos actually let me down quite a bit. My speculations were a more exciting line than a bunch of variants on existing characters that are currently not selling at clearance prices. Given how much series 1 is peg warming, I’m very doubtful that we’ll ever get a wave three (I hope I’m wrong!) so I really wish wave 2 was packed with more villains and secondary characters than just more of the same characters.

    Still, I’m very excited about that Gizmoduck and that hidden image’s shape really does look like it’s Darkwing but if my guesses continue as they were it’s probably just another nephew wearing a hat.

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