Duckburg Cribs: Launchpad Edition

Welcome to Lauchpad’s bachelor pad. We get our first look at his crib in the episode “Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System!“.

At 31 years old, Launchpad is living his best life in a 2 story airplane hangar or garage.

We will start with the ground floor. Launchpad’s living room is a shared space with his kitchen. He also has room to fit a car.

For some privacy when he has company over, he has a curtain in the corner.

His red couch honestly need an upgrade with some moderate wear and tear. You can tell that he definitely crashes on the couch often. You can also tell that Launchpad eats a lot of fast food as there is food leftovers and beverage cups all over his crib. His maid must have the week off or maybe he wasn’t expecting to have company over.

Launchpad’s tv is a classic tube tv that is also equipped with a VCR. The picture quality looks pretty solid for a standard definition TV. I bet Launchpad has a bunch of old episodes of Darkwing Duck on VHS tapes so he doesn’t feel the need to upgrade.

Launchpad stores his tv remote control in a sock above his couch.

He uses the same sock storage technique to store his kitchen utensils on his refrigerator.

Launchpad has a pretty rad decoration style as the wall above his couch has a giant burrito poster and a poster of his hero Darkwing Duck. There is not much that can compete with Darkwing Duck and a giant burrito.

Launchpad’s second story is his bedroom and home gym. His home gym includes a punching bag and a bench press. This is how he stays fit with all of the fast food he apparently eats. His hammock style bed has glow in the dark stars and moons above his bed for easy rest and serenity.

What do you think of Launchpad’s crib? I definitely see some opportunities for some upgrades, but he would need to get a raise from Scrooge McDuck first.


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