Does Lena possess the Power Gem Infinity Stone?

I have had A LOT of time to rewatch the already aired episodes of DuckTales multiple times, and I have either uncovered the greatest DuckTales/Marvel crossover from every fanboy’s dreams or Pirate Steven’s imagination is running overboard…AGAIN.

Does Lena possess one of the most powerful Infinity Stones in the galaxy, the Power Gem?

Let’s go over the facts:

The Power Gem was first revealed to Marvel fans in my all time favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy. What is currently my favorite tv show about to air on the Disney Channel?

Answer: DuckTales

Uncanny, I know.

Question: What color is the Power Gem?

Answer: Purple

Lena’s Gem: Purple

Power Gem: Purple

Question: What strength does the Power Gem give it’s possessor?

Answer: The Power Gem would allow its possessor the power to destroy a planet or lift a subway car off of a British Nanny.

Question: What happens when someone touches the Power Gem

Answer: Their eyes glow purple.

Question: Hawkeye is heavily rumored to be in Avengers: Infinity War, but is he on any of the theatrical posters?

Answer: Hawkeye is missing from all promotional media, and Lena is also missing from all of the Avengers: Infinity War theatrical posters. 🤔

So what do you think of this theory? Does Lena possess the Power Gem? Has this secret been hidden in plain sight or am I crazy? Comment below.

I guess we will all find out for sure on April 27th.


  1. Haha! The real reason for the hiatus revealed! Lena In Infinity War confirmed! 😂😉

    I wonder what Frank’s thoughts are on this… now that Disney owns MARVEL… could Howard the Duck be from Duckburg!?


  2. I think this guy is definitely insane its Marvel way too far from the series called “Ducktales” in disney channel

    Duh… have u seen any guy named Thanos in that series.😡😡😡🔥


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