Looks Like Season 2 of DuckTales 2017 Is Coming In October!

***Update*** It was true! https://ducktalks.com/2018/09/21/ducktales-s2-air-date-and-s3-announcement/

**Update** We are still speculating Season 2 may still air in October… check out this blog for why. Season 2 Speculation Following the Season 1 Finale

*Update* When asked about Season 2 of DuckTales airing in October Co-Producer of the show, Franks Angones, said he believed that to be old information. This information may or may not be correct moving forward. Read more about this here.

A new listing on amazon.com seems to support the idea that DuckTales 2017’s second season will begin in October of 2018.

We’ve been talking about this ever since we noticed that the description for DuckTales Adventure Guide on Amazon.com says the book’s October 2nd release was timed to coincide with the beginning of season 2 of DuckTales 2017.

Now, a new listing for the Great Dime Chase Cinestory includes a description that says it will be released during a new season of the show, and it’s release date is November 27th.

This is great news for those of us excited about new episodes of DT17. We’ve been waiting a long time for new episodes to air, and it looks like we won’t have much of a break between the second half of season one and seasons two.

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  1. Given that the former is still listed as October 2nd with a confirmation that it releases with the new season vs the latter’s release date changing to January 2019 and with no confirmation of it’s release next to the new season, I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the new season premiere is on October 2nd

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