Welcome Our Newest Contributor!

I am excited to announce that a good friend has decided to help with writing for this fan blog. Nick (Modeltrainman) has a love for the classic Donald & Scrooge comics and the original DuckTales. He will bring our site a greater insight into those characters and stories. 

I am very excited to have his help and hope it allows us to keep up with all things Disney Ducks and Disney Afternoon. 

Nick is a huge Disney, Ducks, and Rex (from Toy Story) fan. Please join us in welcoming him to the DuckTalks Site! You can also check out his blog at Infiniteramblingsblog.wordpress.com

If you know who I am, you’ve probably played Disney Infinity. I also am a huge Disney fan! Ducks, chipmunks, dinosaurs, warthogs…Anyway, now I’m also on Team Ducktalks, I’m going to provide insight into the Ducks as they existed in Carl Barks’ universe!

-Nick, Modeltainman

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