Who Is… Gladstone Gander?!

Gladstone Gander is the cousin everyone wishes they did not have to invite to the holiday dinner. This boasterous duck loves to talk about himself, and about his crazy good luck.

Gladstone is one of those legacy duck characters that Frank Angones and Matt Youngberg promised fans we would see. He was first created way back in 1948 by legendary ducks artist Carl Barks in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #88 story “Wintertime Wager.”

A strange fact about Gladstone Gander is that he is apparently a hybrid character. In a recent version of the Duck family tree, Don Rosa shed some light on Gladstone’s relationship to Donald and Scrooge. His mother was Daphne Duck and his father was a goose named Goosetave Gander. Rosa says he penned the tree from information provided by Carl Barks.

Gladstone has never worked a day in his life, and he would be quick to brag that he hasn’t needed to. His supernatural luck has allowed him to live in luxury despite never actually achieving any success himself.

He fancies himself as the next Scrooge McDuck, but he fails to recognize that Scrooge’s fortune was not the result of only luck. Scrooge earned his fortune with planning, hardwork, and a little luck. Gladstone also likes to compare himself with his cousin, Donald. In the comics he also competed with Donald for Daisy’s affection.

Gladstone made several appearances in the original DuckTales series, and will be familiar for most of the longtime fans. He was voiced in the original series by voice actor legend Rob Paulsen.

The promos for Gladstone Gander are out, and we are looking forward to his introduction into the reboot’s universe. Check out “The House of the Lucky Gander!” And then tell us what you think of his introduction.

Is Gladstone one of your favorite duck characters? What was your favorite Gladstone story? How do you feel about his updated design? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter, @DuckTalks

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